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Introduction of Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth

This is an invitation to join me in reflecting on the value of food in our lives. Food is the basis of our life and our quality of life. The German word for food – Lebensmittel- is made up of two parts; “Leben” meaning life, and “mittel” meaning a means to. This tells us that food is the means to health and well-being – for a healthy, powerful and log life.


Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth


The white man will starve with full plates before him (American-Indian prophecy)

Our agriculture and food production has, in a very short space of time, been intensified, specialized and industrialized. Intensively-bred animals are produced like industrial products. Always more, always cheaper.


But: we and our children ate becoming fatter and unhealthier. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in Western society. There are more overweight people than starving people in the world! This also means a lower life expectancy for our children , according to then World Health Organisation.


I ask: Where is the life-force in food? Our food is lacking something that should be there. The creeping loss of vitamins, minerals and trace elements has long been recorded by scientists. On the other hand, additives are used which do not belong there. The sum of these harmful substances slowly affects our brains, our capacity for thought and concentration in young and old alike.


What happened to the vitality in our food?

In my experience, it is the inner value of food which is important rather than external appearance or low price. Where does it come from? How was the plant grown? How did the animal live? What did it eat? Can we eat the food which comes from these animals wit a good conscience?


Everything is interconnected

Valuable plants which contain everything humans and animals need for a healthy life don’t grow in intensively used monocultures. They only grow on living, fertile soil.


The Schweisfurth-Foundation is dedicated to the search for a responsible, sustainable agri- and food-culture for the coming generations.


The Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten are dedicated to the making of hand-made, regionally-produced and ecological, natural and whole foods.

This way theory and practice combine for a sustainable future.


What needs to be done?

As consumers we must learn to judge food on its inner-value and not only on its low price.


We need to think about where our food comes from – ask how pure, natural and intact it is. We need to be curious and persistent.


We should start to cook again- with family and friends, with fresh and whole foods. That is cheaper and better value than pre-packed, pre-cooked “instant” meals. It is “preventative medicine”. Our bodies will be grateful.


The quality of our food is an indicator of our own self-respect.



For a new Agri- and Food-culture


The Schweisfurth-Foundation furthers the search for paths leading to a future worth living




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