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Schweisfurth Foundation

The Schweisfurth Foundation was founded in 1985 by the entrepreneur Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth as an “ideas business”. It promotes innovative approaches, visions and concrete models relating to the future of agriculture, science, education, and society.

Our Goals

An ecological crisis confronts present-day civilization. To a large extent, this is due to society's loss of awareness of how all spheres of life are interlinked.


Increasingly noticeable environmental problems call for humankind to determine anew its destiny within the context of nature and to develop a holistic consciousness of the interrelationships which exist between all living things. This will require us to sharpen our perceptions and deepen our understanding of how our actions affect, not only our fellow humans, but also nature and posterity. It is only upon these foundations that a new, considerate and creative approach to our planet can be developed.


A considerate approach is one that respects the intrinsic value of human beings, animals and plants, and which – in protecting and preserving nature’s ability to evolve – safeguards and sustains the basis for life upon earth.


A creative approach is one that questions habitual patterns of behaviour, releases the energies required to effect a change in the way we live, ensures that work and technology are more in  harmony with nature, and brings together utility and beauty.


A considerate and creative approach to nature represents a new challenge to civilization – a challenge taken up by the Schweisfurth Foundation.


The Foundation seeks to work together with people who


continually question their own modes of behaviour in order to learn new, life-enhancing ways of behaviour towards themselves and towards the world they inhabit
accept responsibility for their own welfare and for that of the world they inhabit
respect the limitations imposed on them by their acceptance of the intrinsic value of other life forms and by the necessity to safeguard and sustain the prerequisites for life
respect the mysteries of life


The Foundation seeks to work together with people who have committed themselves to


viewing our world as a living entity and to preserving it for humankind and for nature
promoting the responsibility of science and education to develop awareness
treating fellow humans, animals and plants with care and compassion,
recognizing, creating and preserving beauty in our everyday life



Current Focus Areas of Foundation Work

The Foundation works towards identifying environmentally-friendly methods of agriculture and the improvement of the living standards of livestock. Other focal points are; heightened food safety, the safeguarding of food quality, innovative means of organic food processing and novel marketing methods. The Foundation also proposes new forms of education and training in the artesian aspects of food processing. It works closely with government agencies in these areas, and has published guidelines for sustainable agriculture and food production.

Implementation of the Foundation’s Goals

In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation's statutes set the following tasks:


The Schweisfurth Foundation supports science and research.


Since so much in our present-day world is determined by science and research, this is where an important key to changing individual and social consciousness is seen to lie. The Foundation supports new forms of science, research and technology, which, as far as possible, give equal priority to the conditions of life required by both mankind and nature. Wherever it appears meaningful to do so, old, now abandoned knowledge from our own and from other civilizations is to be revived with a view to developing it further, and putting it to beneficial use in resolving present-day problems. In the quest for a science that serves the ideal of life, particular attention is paid to those who crosscut existing boundaries and whose unconventional work deserves greater consideration.


The Schweisfurth Foundation supports education and training.


Events and publications disseminate the findings of scientific research and practical knowledge directed towards ecological improvement. Furthermore, educational opportunities in areas neglected by the traditional educational system have been made available at the Foundation’s own “Bildungswerk Kronsberghof gGmbH” (Kronsberghof Education Centre). As part of this programme, practical knowledge is made available to special target groups. New ways of conveying knowledge and practical know how, which appeal equally to “head, heart and hands” are being developed and tested. In all of this, art plays a special role: it questions the existing system, refines perceptions, makes room for new experiences and contributes to a new sensitivity for, and appreciation of, nature.






Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth





Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth

Josef Jacobi

Anne Schweisfurth

Dr. Antje Vollmer

Georg Schweisfurth





Prof. Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald (Director)

Veneta Jenn / Heide-Marie Moser (Events Management)

Klaus Groß (Controller)

Christa Thomas (Secretary)

Isabel Boergen B.A. MSc. (Project Management)




12th of November 1985



Application for Financial Support


The main work of the Schweisfurth Foundation is in practical activities. Within the framework set by its main goals, it initiates, develops and advises projects. This is often in cooperation with other organizations and institutes.


The Foundation does not award scholarships, nor does it sponsor doctorates. A contribution towards printing costs can be given only for publications resulting from supported projects.





In close cooperation with various donors, the Foundation has been successful in implementing a number of projects in recent years. Donations to the Schweisfurth Foundation are tax-exempt. Certificates of donation are sent upon request.

(Donation account: Commerzbank München, routing number 700 400 41, acct. no. 6 755 433).





Südliches Schlossrondell 1

D-80638 Munich



Tel: +49 89 179595-0

Fax: +49 89 179595-19

E-Mail: info@schweisfurth.de 

Website: www.schweisfurth.de 


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Key Contact

Prof. Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald (Director)


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